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Your Creative Soul: Hypno-Somatic Art Workshop March 3, 2-5:00 pm




3 hours

Your Creative Soul:  Hypno-Somatic Art Workshop Sunday, March 3 from 2-5:00 pm, Hosted by Emily Cline & Julie Weingarten $75.  Immerse yourself in a unique group hypnosis session designed to tap into the deepest corners of your imagination. The workshop will include journaling and discussion to awaken the creativity within. We will engage in somatic practice to acknowledge and tap into what our bodies hold. Reiki will also be available to those seeking a shift on an energetic level. You’ll integrate your experience with a tangible artistic expression of your inner vision to take home. This circle is open to adults of all genders.  Snacks and herbal tea will be provided, as well as wine and chocolate during art making!  Spaces are limited, reserve your spot here.  *No refunds unless 72 hours in advance.

Your Instructor

Emily Cline, Julie Weingarten

Emily Cline, Julie Weingarten
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