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About Us

The Hive, South Pasadena, is passionate about making, helping, and healing. 

That is what brings us together.

Emily Cline

Emily has many roles in life: mom, daughter, sister, friend, feline lover, chocolate eater. Her passion is creating.

Studying at Art Center in Pasadena, NY, Oregon, Mexico, England, Emily grew passionate about the creative + healing properties of art journaling. For 10+ years, she has taught art classes in schools, private homes, garages, shops, online, and for SPEF in NY and LA.

Emily has dreamed of this shop + studio gathering space for ever and a day. Learn more about her and her work at:          Emily Cline Art

Emily Cline

Jill Brenek

Jill Brenek

Jill Brenek has been part of the South Pas community for over a decade.  She feels fortunate to raise her three children in this beautiful, tree lined neighborhood she gets to call home.  Jill is a true believer in the power of the arts.  She is excited and eager to give back to the place she loves so much through being a member of The Beehive community.  After embarking on her own life changing journey through meditation, Jill begin to fervently study Zen and later begin to teach Zen meditation (zazen) through her company thestillhummingbird.  Her mission is to help people create a sustainable meditation practice and thus relieve suffering.  She loves working with adults, teens, and children and believes anybody can learn how to incorporate meditation into their daily life.  Jill truly believes meditation is a gift you can give yourself and something you can call upon for the rest of your life.  Please check out for more information about her private lessons.  

    Besides meditation, Jill loves dabbling in watercolors, working with yarn and sticks, and making driftwood creations.  Jill has a BA in Theater Arts, advocates for stricter gun control legislation, plays league soccer, attends music festivals regularly, and is passionate about nature, film, and baseball. 

Saida Staudenmaier

Saida “Mama Saydi” Staudenmaier is a multimedia artist, maker, makeup artist, and obsessive letter writer. She is a graduate of Cal Arts with a degree in theater scenic design. Rather than wearing her heart on her sleeve, Saida prefers to hang her heart on the wall, creating a narrative with visual storytelling in its many forms. For the past twenty years, Saida has worked as a makeup artist for print, television, and films. As a makeup artist, Saida enjoys enhancing natural beauty, seeing the transformation make someone feel empowered and confident. Saida also enjoys teaching art in its many forms as a way of holding space for her students to express themselves while developing their own creative vocabulary. She is excited to share techniques exploring many mediums with her fellow artists and students at The Hive, encouraging them to hang their artistic hearts, with hers, on the wall. See some of her work:

Saidi Staudenmaier

+ Guests!

Part of the joy that comes with having a co-operative - style studio is the brilliance of its guests. We welcome guest teachers and speakers of all sorts -- everything from Soul Collage, to bookmaking, to faerie houses, ceramics, leather work, stained glass, printing,...

We'll do workshops for all sorts of unique ways of making. You never know just who is going to stop by!

P.S. If you have a class you want to share, email us! Let's do it!

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