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  • Open Studio -- Every Wednesday 5:00 - 8:00 pm, $10/hour. RSVP or just drop in.​​​  **GET THE STUDENT DISCOUNT of $10/for the entire time, if you are a current  student, or have taken a HIVE class in the last month.**​​

  • Junk Journals -- Wednesday April 17, 1:00 - 3:00  Let's put together handmade journals of all the things that make us happy! Photographs, greeting cards, tickets, hand-written notes, letters; magazine pictures, words, fabric, ribbon. Anything goes!  $30/class. Come once, come every time. This is what you make. RSVP:

  • Enneagram for Parenting -- Thursday, April 18, 7-9:00 pm TJ Teems unravels clues to helping us parent better, happier, easier with tools of the Enneagram.
    $60 Email us to register:

  • Tiny Worlds -- Sunday, April 21, 12:30 - 2:30pm. Tiny Worlds is a class that uses paint, miniatures, foraged and found objects, and decoupage to create one-of-a-kind vignettes. The only limit is your imagination. $30/per person; RSVP:

  • Writer's Night -- April 21 at 4:00 pm Calling all wordsmiths, penpals, authors, ghostwriters, scribes, zine contributors, and other creatives using the written word! We welcome you to a monthly gathering of scribblers. You bring stationery, notepads, journals, writing implements, laptops/tablets, etc. We will provide coffee, tea, stamps, reference materials, and a wifi hotspot. $5 Cover charge. RSVP necessary:

  • Eclectic Music Festival -- FREE community art installation/Make-and-take --South Pasadena opens its arms and welcomes musicians, artisans, and The Hive! We'll be doing a *free* community installation/art craft/make & take near the center stage, which will be in the grassy area by the train station. We'll make a village out of boxes. Bring any cardboard or paper boxes, cracker or cookie-box size and smaller. We'll paint, decorate, tape, staple  -- all the things we need to do to create one big beautiful piece! And when you're ready to go home, you can take your piece with you. We'll be there from 4 - 8:00 pm See you there!

  • Inside, Outside, Your Side -- Authenticity workshop for parents & children, 9+ with Heather Bland, MFT, Kristin Pittman, Emily Cline. Take a deep, quick dive; discover your strengths; what lights you up.  Two Saturdays, May 4, and 11 ~  9:00 am -12:00 pm  $125 for both sessions. Learn how to connect your family's bonds better. Use art materials to flush out feelings and build security through your creative voice. Empower yourselves and each other in healthy, cohesive ways. Rsvp:

  • Playtime! Sunday, May 5, 2:00 - 5:00 $75! We invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, unlike any other. In this immersive workshop, will delve into the depths of your being, tapping into the power of holistic modalities to unlock creativity, relief, emotional, blockages and cultivate deep inner harmony. Hypnosis: drift into a state of deep, relaxation and heightened awareness as you travel into the depths of your subconscious mind. Guided by gentle suggestions, you'll uncover, hidden truths, release, limiting beliefs, and awaken to the infinite potential within.    

    • Inner Child Work: Journey back to the innocence and wonder of childhood as you reconnect with your younger self. Explore, playful spontaneity, heal past wounds, and embrace the fullness of your being with love and acceptance.

    • ​Somatic Practices: through body-centered awareness, you'll learn to listen to the wisdom of your inwardly felt sensations. Explore, release tension, and cultivate a profound sense of presence and embodiment.

    • Reiki: Allow yourself to be developed by the healing embrace of universal Lifeforce energy, releasing stagnancy and reconnecting with your natural harmony.

    • Free-flowing art making: whether you're painting, drawing, or collaging, allow your intuition to be your guide as you give yourself time to play and explore.

    • Playtime welcomes adults of all backgrounds and levels of experience, who are curious about holistic, healing, modalities, and self-discovery. Whether you seek personal growth, stress, relief, or simply a space to reconnect with yourself, this workshop offers a sanctuary for exploration and transformation.

TO JOIN: email us at:
We'll confirm once payment is received via Venmo (emily-cline-9) or PayPal/Zelle (
Snacks and herbal tea will be provided, as well as wine and chocolate during art making! Spaces are extremely limited, please reserve your spot early!
Refunds are limited to 72 hours advance notice.

  • Patch and Stitch! with Amy Elise Roberts, May 19, 3-5:00 pm  Slow, intentional, beautiful, imperfect. Patching and repairing -- the biggest question is what will you do first? Jeans? shorts? dress? jacket? $45 Email us to reserve your seat:

  • Art Journaling for Teens +' Tweens

    • Teen + 'Tween classes for ages 9 - 13 meet every TUESDAY afternoon from 3:00 - 4:30 pm, $120/month all art supplies and M&M's included.​​


We'll confirm as soon as we are able once we receive your payment via: ​

   Venmo (@emily-cline-9)​​

   PayPal (

   Zelle (upon request)

​   There is a 24-hour no refund policy, unless due to illness or emergency.

   We reserve the right to cancel events and classes due to low enrollment, staff sickness, extreme weather, or other conditions beyond our control. Registrants will be notified via email 24 hours before class if an event is canceled for low registration, and every attempt will be made to contact participants as soon as possible in the event of emergency cancellation. Refunds will follow within 7-10 business days.


3 memory books
Enneagram and Parenting
Tiny Worlds
Eclectic Festival April 27 2024
Patch + Stitch

SPECIAL: Help us get the buzz out! Post a review on YELP or Google and you get $10 off any class! Just send us proof of posting. {Please and thank you.}

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creativity + community = wellness

We are passionate about making, helping, and healing. ​

It started as an endeavor between friends, to share and build. Less than a year in, it's already evolving into something bigger and better. The Hive is us, The Hive is you. We need and complement each other.


We have classes and workshops for all sorts of ways of making-- from art journaling to Soul Collage to bookmaking, ceramics, leather, sewing, printing, meditation, writing, and open studio creating.

Come join us! We're here for the Making. 


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